A toolkit for building self-defending applications through real-time event detection and response
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AppSensor is a framework that provides real-time event detection and response. The initial goal is to provide application layer intrusion detection (self-defending applications), though many types of systems are possible using the framework.

AppSensor has a website with further documentation and is an OWASP project.

Previous releases are tracked here in the releases. The upcoming releases and milestones are tracked in the roadmap.

The AppSensor source code is released under an MIT license. See the accompanying LICENSE.txt file for license content.

Demo Quickstart

If you are just wanting to get a demo going, see the sample-apps/DemoSetup.md guide.


AppSensor is a multi-module maven project. The project requires Java version 7 or higher. Building is generally handled by the following steps

  • clone the repo (or your fork)

    git clone https://github.com/jtmelton/appsensor.git
  • get into appsensor directory

    cd appsensor
  • install multi-module parent - one time requirement per version

    mvn -N install 
  • run the tests - done every time you make changes

    mvn test


For an extensive book documenting the concepts (ideas) behind AppSensor, go to the OWASP site and download the PDF.

If you're looking for in-depth user or developer documentation, visit http://appsensor.org/

User / Developer Quick Start

We recommend you visit http://appsensor.org/ and read the "Getting Started" page.

If you prefer presentations, here is a recent slide deck

If you prefer video, here is a recent talk


Both production and snapshot releases are available in the central maven repository


An example of getting one of the dependencies is shown below:



Want to contribute? Great - we love the help! Start on the mailing list at owasp-appsensor-project@lists.owasp.org for help with any questions.

If you want more information about how to contribute, see the CONTRIBUTING.md