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Maungawhau Information Technology

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This is the source for the Maungawhau IT static website. The site is generated from markdown files and uploaded to an AWS S3 bucket for serving to the web.


The base html is based on Web Starter Kit.

This originally used hyde to generate the static site. That changed when I moved to Web Starter Kit, which is gulp based, and so I also moved to a gulp workflow.

Many thanks to Sean Farrell and Daniel Naab for their excellent posts and code about using gulp to transform markdown into static html pages.

Sean's post and repository, and Daniel's post and repository


  • The content and images for the site are copyright 2014 Maungawhau Information Technology Ltd.
  • The code for the site is licensed under the the Apache 2.0 license
  • Web Starter Kit license information. Web Starter Kit is copyright 2014 Google Inc
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