Update JBallDroppings Processing to Processing 2.x #3

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A learning exercise for me. I don't know if you're even taking commits, but this was relatively easy and works quite nicely with the current Processing release.

tildebyte added some commits Apr 17, 2014
@tildebyte tildebyte Update JBallDroppings.pde
"Port" to Processing 2.x.
- Remove all external dependencies (Sonia, jsyn, .aiff file), replacing with generated sound via "official" Processing library [Minim](http://code.compartmental.net/tools/minim). These changes are almost exclusively in `initSound` and `playSound`.
- Add one file (BumpyInstrument.pde) - an Instrument for Minim (tweaked from the [oscil_field_amplitude](http://code.compartmental.net/minim/oscil_field_amplitude.html) example), making it easier to change the sound (or replace it entirely).
- Refactor 'Line' class into 'BounceLine' due to conflict with Minim.
- Fix ball drop rate keys were reversed.
- Fix friction keys not consistent with the others (capital increases, lower decreases).
- Default to P3D renderer. Seems to perform slightly better than P2D on my machine.
- Remove all commented code.
- Remove a few no-longer-used variables.
- Reformat (Hi, I'm OCD).
- Set the default "emitter" position to top-middle. I like it there :)
@tildebyte tildebyte Create BumpyInstrument.pde d35bc7a
jtnimoy commented Apr 18, 2014

thanks for the contribution! i'll add it in right now.

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