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an event tree back office prototype

This R package is used to build an event tree as a dataframe object. A tree is constructed by an initial etree.make() call. Subsequent addition of addControl and addOutcome functions build up the tree. Event tree calculations proceed during the tree construction.

There is no GUI associated with this package, nor is one expected in the R environment. A user is expected to code scripts defining the tree as a final version.

An HTML output is now available to display the event tree in the browser. Internet connection is required to load the D3 javascript library via cdn.

Example Scripts:

etree example

etree1<-etree.make(name="conveyor belt fire")

etree1<-addControl(etree1,at=1, prob=.99, severity=.9, name="heat sensor detects")

etree1<-addControl(etree1,at=2, prob=.99, severity=.3, name="valve operates")

etree1<-addControl(etree1, at=5, prob=.7, severity=.3, name="manual firefight", overwrite=TRUE)

etree1<-addOutcome(etree1, at=6, severity=.7, name="operators worst case", overwrite=TRUE)

etree1<-addOutcome(etree1, at=5, severity=.3, name="operators best case")

etree1<-addOutcome(etree1, at=4, severity=.1,name="auto water spray")


generate the html to the default drive

etree2html(etree1, write_file=TRUE)

view in browser from default drive