Interaction between FaultTree on R and SCRAM
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Interaction between FaultTree on R and SCRAM

SCRAM is a Command-line Risk Analysis Multi-tool.

SCRAM is a free and open source probabilistic risk analysis tool that supports the Open-PSA Model Exchange Format. SCRAM is licensed under the GPLv3.

It is desired to find means by which the FaultTree package on R can leverage the advanced calculations of SCRAM. Currently, SCRAM is most accessable on the Ubuntu Linux distribution (Version 14.04 or higher). Initial interaction will take the form of independent operation of both packages on a common Linux instance. For Windows users this is expected to be enabled by a Virtual Machine. Instructions for such a setup for those who have never done so is provided at

SCRAM takes its input in the form of the opsa-mef (Model Exchange Format) in an XML file. So the first function in the FaultTree.SCRAM package is a conversion from the ftree object to the mef format. This function is ftree2mef.

The file will be written with the following name [object_name]_mef.xml

This is then loaded into SCRAM for MOCUS calculation with a terminal command:

scram [object_name]_mef.xml --mocus -o [object_name]_scram_mocus.xml

Since this file is not yet quite useful in R another parser function will be required in this FaultTree.SCRAM package.