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File_Extractor 1.0.0
File_Extractor is a modular archive scanning and extraction library that
supports several popular compressed file formats. It gives a common
interface to the supported formats, allowing one version of user code.
* Simple C interface.
* Supports ZIP, GZIP, 7-Zip (7Z), and RAR[1] archive formats.
* Non-archive files act like archive of that one file, simplifying code.
* Modular design allows removal of support for unneeded archive formats.
* Optionally supports wide-character paths on Windows.
* Archive file type identification can be customized
[1] RAR support must be enabled before use, due to its special
Author : Shay Green <>
Website :
License : GNU LGPL 2.1 or later for all except unrar
Language: C interface, C++ implementation
Getting Started
Build the demo by typing "make" at the command-line. If that doesn't
work, manually build a program from demo.c and all *.c and *.cpp files
in fex/, 7z_C/, and zlib/. Run demo with in the same directory.
To enable RAR archive support, edit fex/blargg_config.h.
See fex.h for reference and fex.txt for documentation.
fex.txt Manual
license.txt GNU LGPL 2.1 license
makefile Builds libfex.a and demo
demo.c Basic usage
demo_read.c Uses fex_read() to extract data
demo_rewind.c Uses fex_rewind() to re-scan archive
demo_seek.c Uses fex_seek_arc() to go back to files
demo_directory.c Recursively scans directory for archives Test archive used by demos
blargg_config.h Configuration (modify as needed)
fex.h C interface (also usable from C++)
(all other files) Library sources
zlib/ Zip/Gzip (can use your system's instead)
7z_C/ 7-Zip
unrar/ RAR
Shay Green <>