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@mozes @whiskeynine @blockspring @gemstrike @rubyhooks
Luke Garrigan LukeGarrigan to catch me coding some multiplayer games. for my weekly blog!


Michael Marlow Vision-X
Full Stack Developer | Graduate of @gSchool (Galvanize) from the Web Development Immersive program.

Denver, CO

Mark Miej
Quantum Mechanic turned AI researcher

Rad AI Oakland, CA

Dan Abramov gaearon
Working on @reactjs. Co-author of Redux and Create React App. Building tools for humans.


Don Pinkus donpinkus

Facebook, Inc San Francisco, CA

Ryan Bates ryanb

RailsCasts Southern Oregon

Darren dlabey
Software Engineer with an interest in distributed systems and automation.

San Diego, CA

Martin Wells martinwells

Martin Wells San Francisco

Jon Chiu jonchiu
Engineering at @confluentinc

San Francisco, CA

Egor Homakov homakov
Fixing unsigned banking with @fairlayer

Alex Sexton SlexAxton
Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.

Stripe Austin, TX

Roger Hoover theduderog

Confluent, Inc. United States

Luke Shepard lshepard
Eng Lead @tempuslabs. Former CTO @eSpark, prior @facebook & Amazon. Love building ML, data, and fun visualizations.

Tempus Chicago, IL

Rasmus rsms
Languages, compilers, making computers talk with eachother, and other fun things. Professional life is at Figma; previously Facebook, Spotify, Dropbox and more

Figma San Francisco

Paul Irish paulirish

Google Chrome, ♥z Palo Alto

Yann minimaldesign

minimal design San Francisco

Remy Sharp remy
JavaScript (node + client side) developer with over 20 years experience. Contact me for any work or questions about JS I might be able to help you with.

Left Logic / @leftlogic Brighton, UK

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