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logo Pants programming language

Warning: Pants is currently in a very early alpha stage.

About Pants

Pants is a simple, stackless, dynamically typed, compiled, multiparadigm, statically but optionally hygienically dynamically scoped (holy adverbs), garbage-collected, continuation-based language. MLIA.

Please see for more info.

Pants is designed to have the powerful DSL-creation flexibility of Ruby, combined with the scope hygienics and philosophy of Python, in a language with a semantics as simple as R5RS Scheme (hopefully).

The language is intentionally designed with static analysis in mind for future optimization and speed. Further, care has been given to keep the core language both small and powerful, such that as many language features as possible can be implemented within the language.

For code samples, check out samples/, tests/, or the standard prelude.

The beginnings of a language tutorial are on the wiki at LanguageIntroduction.

Still to come

A bunch of stuff.

Previous taglines

  • PANTS na na na na PANTS!
  • program in pants, even if you don't!
  • pants, it's what you put on!
  • if you don't like it, you can just drop pants and program in something else.
  • i guess you could say that pants has legs.

Coming libraries and frameworks

  • Commando
  • Suspenders


This project is Copyright (c) 2011-2012, JT Olds <>

Please see the LICENSE file for information about copying and your own use.