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P2pool installation with pypy -- Windows

On Windows, pypy is only supported via the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). P2pool on pypy on WSL is much faster than P2pool on CPython on native Windows. To install WSL, first follow the steps outlined here:

Once you've done that, run bash and follow the rest of the steps below.

P2pool installation with pypy -- Linux and Windows

Copy and paste the following commands into a bash shell in order to install p2pool on Windows or Linux.

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get -y install pypy pypy-dev pypy-setuptools gcc build-essential git

wget -O - | sudo pypy sudo rm setuptools-*.zip


tar zxf zope.interface-4.1.3.tar.gz

cd zope.interface-4.1.3/

sudo pypy install

cd ..

sudo rm -r zope.interface-4.1.3*


tar jxf Twisted-15.4.0.tar.bz2

cd Twisted-15.4.0

sudo pypy install

cd ..

sudo rm -r Twisted-15.4.0*

git clone

cd p2pool

You'll also need to install and run your bitcoind or altcoind of choice, and edit ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf (or the corresponding file for litecoin or whatever other coin you intend to mine) with your bitcoind's RPC username and password. Launch your bitcoind or altcoind, and after it has finished downloading blocks and syncing, go to your p2pool directory and run


**P2pool Dockerfile

The Dockerfile uses the build instruction above to create a Docker image.

Build Docker image named p2pool

docker build -t p2pool ./

Run p2pool from Docker image

docker run -it --rm p2pool --version

jtoomimnet vs mainnet

If you wish to use the original forrestv btc mainnet instead of jtoomimnet, then replace

git clone

cd p2pool

above with

git clone

cd p2pool

Note: The BTC p2pools currently have low hashrate, which means that payouts will be infrequent, large, and unpredictable. As of Feb 2018, blocks are found on jtoomimnet on average once every 25 days, and blocks are found on mainnet on average once every 108 days. Do not mine on BTC p2pool unless you are very patient and can tolerate receiving no revenue for several months.

Miner setup

P2pool communicates with miners via the stratum protocol. For BTC, configure your miners with the following information:

URL: stratum+tcp://(Your node's IP address or hostname):9332

Worker: (Your bitcoin address)

Password: x

Mining to Legacy (P2PKH), SegWit/MultiSig (P2SH) and Bech32 addresses are supported for the following coins with the specified address prefixes:

Coin P2PKH P2SH Bech32
Bitcoin 1... 3... bc1...
Bitcoin Cash* 1... (test) bitcoincash:q... or q...
Bitcoin SV* 1... (test) bitcoincash:q... or q...
Litecoin L... M... ltc1...
  • Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV uses cashaddr instead of Bech32

Only Legacy addresses (P2PKH) are supported for coins not mentioned above. If you use an address that p2pool cannot understand, then p2pool will mine to that node's default address instead.

If you wish to modify the mining difficulty, you may add something like "address+4096" after your mining address to set the pseudoshare difficulty to 4096, or "address/65536" to set the actual share difficulty to 65536 or the p2pool minimum share difficulty, whichever is higher. Pseudoshares only affect hashrate statistics, whereas actual shares affect revenue variance and efficiency.

Firewall considerations

If your node is behind a firewall or behind NAT (i.e. on a private IP address), you may want to forward ports to your p2pool server. P2pool uses two ports: one for p2p communication with the p2pool network, and another for both the web UI and for stratum communication with workers. For Bitcoin, those ports are 9333 (p2p) and 9332 (stratum/web). For Litecoin, they are 9326 (p2p) and 9327 (stratum/web). For Bitcoin Cash, they are 9349 (p2p) and 9348 (stratum/web).


Peer-to-peer Bitcoin mining pool







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