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Many people have contributed to the process of writing BindingTutor and we would like to thank them.

The lead developers are Julia Philip and Charles Pence. Julia was supported by the Notre Dame Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biology Interface Program, NIH Training Grant T32GM075762 and NSF grant 0951264.

We would like to thank Dr. Holly Goodson for support and guidance, and Eric Bunker for assistance with writing the documentation and troubleshooting the program.

BindingTutor is an outgrowth of MTBindingSim designed for use in teaching. We thank Dr. Goodson for allowing us to test the use of MTBindingSim/BindingTutor in her Biochemistry for Engineers class at the University of Notre Dame and Dr. Jill Voreis for running the instructional sessions using MTBindingSim/BindingTutor and designing surveys to test its effectiveness as a teaching tool.

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