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CALM: A starter pack for Azure DevOps

What is this?

The CALM (Cloud Application Lifecycle Management) starter pack provides ARM templates that contain some best practices such as naming conventions and T-Shirt sizing. With the CALM starter pack you can create your resources in Azure in a consistent way.

Quick start

This quick start will show you how you can create an Azure resource via the templates in a manual way. However, to optimise your CI/CD pipeline you should automate the resource deployments.

  • Keep calm 😎, your Azure resources will be up and running in no time.
  • make sure you have the Azure CLI installed. If not, please Install the Azure CLI
  • create a new file "azuredeploy.parameters.json". Make sure you replace the companyName "foo" and projectName "bar" with your own values (between 3-10 characters each).
    "$schema": "",
    "contentVersion": "",
    "parameters": {
        "companyName": {
            "value": "foo"
        "projectName": {
            "value": "bar"
  • open a command prompt
# login with your azure account
az login
# change your subscription if needed
az account set --subscription "yoursubscription"
# create a resource group in your location -> I'll use westeurope
# to align to the naming conventions use <companyName>-<projectName><environmentAffix>-[<role>]<resource>
# the resource is create for development. The environmentAffix "-d" is used
# the resource is a resource group. Here the abbreviation "rg" is used.
az group create --name foo-bar-d-rg --location "westeurope"
# deploy the resource via an arm template to your resource group.
az group deployment create --name testdeployment --resource-group foo-bar-d-rg --template-uri "" --parameters "azuredeploy.parameters.json"



Licensed under MIT ( See ).

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