Nordic Game Jam 2016 - L3-AK
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L3-AK is a chat-based game developed for the Telegram platform.

The game was made at the Nordic Game Jam 2016 in Copenhagen.

Entry on L3-AK


Hi, I'm L3-AK, the robot you sent to space with the mission of finding water, and hopefully signs of life!

What? You don't remember? Ah never mind.

It's been a long trip, but I can finally see the planet. Almost there!

Use /start so we can start talking, as I will definitely need help once I land on that planet.

Run the bot

At the time of writing, the bot is live and the game is playable directly.

But as mentioned on the entry page, this might not be the case in the future.

To run the bot or self-host it:

  1. Create a Bot on Telegram. Refer to the documentation for more details
  2. The program expects the environment variable TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN_KRKKRK to contain the token of your own bot
  3. Use Python 3.5+ preferably
  4. pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. python src/
  6. That should be it!