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This is a template for the EDAV final project. It is based on the template created with File, New Project..., New Directory, Book Project using bookdown in RStudio.


Follow these instructions and you will have a published bookdown book in less than five minutes. If you have any difficulties or have feedback of any kind, please file an issue.

Copy this template

  • 1. Click the green "Use this template" button above. DO NOT FORK THE REPO.

  • 2. Choose a descriptive name for your repo, such as "federalbudget" or "AIDSdeaths". (If you change your mind before you do any work, delete your new repo and start over.)

  • 3. In the Description field, write: "Bookdown source files for EDAV final project".

Clone the repo

  • 1. Clone your new repo with File, New Project..., Version Control, Git in RStudio.

Edit some key files

  • 1. In index.Rmd, change YOUR TITLE HERE to your title.

  • 2. In index.Rmd, change YOUR NAMES HERE to your names.

  • 3. In _bookdown.yml, change YOUR GITHUB USERNAME to your GitHub username in the two places it appears.

  • 4. In _bookdown.yml, change YOUR GITHUB REPO to your GitHub repo name in the two places it appears.

  • 5. In _output.yml, change YOUR SHORT TITLE to a shortened version of your title. (Leave the "after:" line indicating that the book was published with bookdown as is.)

Render the book

  • 1. Install bookdown with install.packages("bookdown"). If you already have it, update to version 0.16 (2019-11-22).

  • 2. Render locally with bookdown::render_book("index.Rmd").

  • 3. Use browseURL("docs/index.html") to view your book locally (or just open index.html in a browser).

  • 4. If it looks good, commit and push all changed files to GitHub.

(You will need to repeat steps 2 and 4 every time you wish to update the book online.)

Set up GitHub Pages

  • 1. On the home page of your repo, click Settings. Scroll down to the GitHub pages section and change Source to master branch /docs folder. Above the Source line, a bar will appear with your book's URL. The bar will initially be blue and indicate that your book is ready to be published and will change to green once it is published. Copy the URL. (Note that sometimes there is a delay until your book actually appears at that URL. If it doesn't appear after a few minutes, try making a small change locally, rendering the book, and pushing the changes to trigger a deploy.)

  • 2. Click the edit button on the top of the home page of the repo and paste your book URL into the Website field that appears on the right.

At some point before you turn in your project, delete the content of this README and add a short description of your project with a link to the book URL.

For additional features, consult the official guide to bookdown:

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