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Sudoku testers/fuzzers for Udacity class CS258 PS3
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Sudoku fuzzers for Udacity class CS258

If you have additional items to add to the fuzzer, please contribute 'em!

Running the fuzzer

To run, clone/download/whatever the repo, then run:

python path/to/my/

And the program will attempt to fuzz your solver and checker.

Command line options:

  1. --test | lets you choose which tests to run (checker, solver, or both)
  2. --no-strict | doesn't run tests checking for False/floating point
  3. --mutations | set number of mutations (number of little changes to make) for checker fuzzer
  4. --iters | set number of iterations for fuzz_solver (basically, just impacts the amount of time)


Should be compatible with Python 2.5+ and Python 3, though I haven't tested it on Python 3 yet.


Send me an email if you encounter any problems.


Original solution mutator -- by Brandon on Udacity.

Test runner, checker fuzzer and some no-solution sudoku - written by Jeffrey Tratner (+ inspired by fuzzer test cases from Bill Barry and Brandon)

Great refactoring + random testers contributed by Kedar Bellare (Generation-based and Transformation-based)

Tricky example of a fail-in-subgrid-only grid and a grid with floating point numbers from Goldsong


Freely provided under the MIT License

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