Lunatic Python is a two-way bridge between Python and Lua. This is a branch of Gustavo Niemeyer's code at
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Lunatic Python

**Lunatic Python** is a two-way bridge between `Python`_ and `Lua`_,
allowing these languages to intercommunicate. Being two-way means that
it allows Lua inside Python, Python inside Lua, Lua inside Python
inside Lua, Python inside Lua inside Python, and so on.

This is an improved version of Lunatic Python 1.0, as written by
Gustavo Niemeyer and available from .

David M. Cooke ( has fixed several bugs, and
made this compatible with Python 2.5 and Lua 5.1. The original
documentation is avaiable in the `docs` directory.

The build system has been changed to use `waf`_, which made building
the lua extension easier than using Python's distutils. The `waf`
utility is included.


Using waf:

   $ ./waf configure
   $ ./waf build
   $ ./waf check                # run the tests
   $ ./waf install              # optionally, sudo ./waf install)

The last step will install the python extension in the default
location that distutils would use. The Lua extension is in the 
``build/default`` directory as ````; this should be copied to the
appropiate place for Lua's .so libraries.

This version of Lunatic Python has currently only been tested on Mac
OS X 10.5, with Python 2.6.1 and Lua 5.1.4. There are some differences
in building the two modules that I'm aware of for other platforms that
I've tried to accommodate, but I haven't tested them.

.. _Python:
.. _Lua:
.. _waf: