StartCluster 0.95 failed to launch on g2.2xlarge(G2 GPU) node #365

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syoyo commented Feb 8, 2014

According to the release note of StarCluster 0.95, it says now it supports g2.2xlarge node.
So I've tried StartCluster 0.95 to launch following AMI on (G2 GPU) node at Oregon region,

[1] ami-80bedfb0 us-west-2 starcluster-base-ubuntu-13.04-x86_64-hvm (HVM-EBS)
[2] ami-486afe78 us-west-2 starcluster-base-ubuntu-12.04-x86_64-hvm (HVM-EBS)

but got an error like

Instances of type 'g2.2xlarge' may not be launched from AMI 'ami-486afe78'

(Also same in other regions)

Is StarCluster's AMI not yet ready for G2 GPU node? or is it the problem of EC2?


jtriley commented Feb 11, 2014

@syoyo My apologies for the delay. I'm currently in contact with AWS to fix this for our HVM AMIs. I'll close this when it's working. Stay tuned.

syoyo commented Feb 13, 2014

Cool. I'll wait. Thank you.

izharw commented Mar 26, 2014

Hi there,
Is there any update regarding that issue?


Also trying to do the same. Any update?
Also, what is the magic that makes some AMIs work and others not for this instance type? It doesn't seem to be just the HVM. For example, I tried the following one and also got the same error:
starcluster-base-ubuntu-12.04-x86_64-hvm - ami-52a0c53b
StarCluster Base Ubuntu AMI 12.04 x86_64 HVM/CC/GPU (US-EAST-1)

hercs commented Apr 5, 2014

I'm also trying to get a g2.2xlarge to boot in us west 2c using starcluster-base-ubuntu-12.04-x86_64-hvm ami-1db8282d. This produces: Launch Failed
Instances of type 'g2.2xlarge' may not be launched from AMI 'ami-1db8282d'. I was doing this directly in the AWS console. I was doing this as a sanity check (this works for other starcluster AMIs I have when running on c3.large). Then if that worked I was going to use starcluster to start it up and configure it.

Is it possible that the following applies to the above public AMI?

See the section: AMIs for GPU Instances
Client.UnsupportedOperation: Instances of type 'g2.2xlarge' may not be launched from AMI .

From the AWS forums
It seems that the AMIs have to be GPU Backed in order to launch g2.2xlarge instances.

alexbw commented Sep 13, 2014

Things seem to launch fine with current public starcluster AMIs.

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