pip install starcluster does not install 0.95 over previous version #367

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On windows 7, with an existing starcluster installation, pip install starcluster upgrades to 0.94.2 rather than to 0.95

Note that pip install seems to behave better than easy_install on previous versions and therefore it should be supported with the new version.

jtriley commented Feb 12, 2014

@Jacob-Barhak That's odd - I just tested upgrading with pip in a virtual environment and all was well. Are you sure you're not missing the -U option?

$ pip install -U starcluster

Thanks Justin,

The -U option makes starcluster break on pycrypto. This is probably a dependency issue. I can send the transcript of pip install if this will help isolate the issue - I cannot attach it to this message by dragging the log file.

I admit I did not use the -U option - perhaps because I am used to conda that manages versions better for the user and can use pip as well. Never the less, the problem remains - currently it seems I will need to reinstall starcluster since the installation left a broken copy on my machine.

I hope reinstallation of 0.94 can fix this.

jtriley commented Feb 13, 2014

@Jacob-Barhak Having the pip install log would be helpful - would you mind attaching? Are you using anaconda for this or just plain Python for Windows? Also, what version of pycrypto are you using (see $ pip freeze)? You will probably need to install PyCrypto 2.6 from http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/modules.shtml#pycrypto if you haven't already as mentioned here:


Looking at that doc I see we need to update the link to 2.6 - I'll do that now. Installing PyCrypto via easy_install/pip on Windows is inherently tricky given that the compiler setup on WIndows is non-trivial and the author does/can not provide binaries (from pycrypto.org):

The export of cryptography software is (still) governed by arms control regulations 
in Canada, the United States, and elsewhere. The export or re-export of this software 
may be regulated by law in your country.

Thanks Justin,

Yet you may be glad to know I found an easier solution that worked for me.

I installed a fresh copy of the anaconda 1.9 distribution for windows 64.

pip install starcluster was successful

I can now continue my work. However, since others may have similar issues that cannot be resolved by changing the python distribution, I will send the pip install log of the unsuccessful attempt to the starcluster mailing list.

It will be good to have multiple solutions.

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