Fix get/put when using dns_prefix #397

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When a cluster is started with dns_prefix=True, the defaults in get/put still only look for master, not <dns_prefix>-master.

i.e. you get
$starcluster get mycluster /path/to/my/file .
StarCluster - ( (v. 0.95.3)
!!! ERROR - node 'master' does not exist

Which can be easily handled with
$starcluster get mycluster -n mycluster-master /path/to/my/file .

but this fix is simple enough that I thought I'd send it.

John C. Earls and others added some commits May 17, 2014

John C. Earls Fix get/put when using dns_prefix c52f73a
@JohnCEarls JohnCEarls Update
pep-8 annoyances
@JohnCEarls JohnCEarls Update
pep-8 annoyances
@JohnCEarls JohnCEarls Update
Wow, I am so less likely to contribute changes back to sc.
@JohnCEarls JohnCEarls Update
Obvious change is obvious

Done fixing pep-8 nonsense

JohnCEarls closed this May 19, 2014


jtriley commented May 20, 2014

This is because we don't load the metadata when fetching the cluster in the put/get commands (ie load_receipt=False). If we flip that to True then dns_prefix will be toggled and we can skip duplicating the dns_prefix node fetch logic. I'd probably also pass load_plugins=False, and load_volumes=False when fetching the cluster since they're not used by put/get.

jtriley reopened this May 20, 2014

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