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Using StarCluster Git Hooks

To enable StarCluster's git hooks that perform PEP8 formatting and pyflakes validation prior to committing:

  1. Check out the StarCluster repo:

    $ git clone
  2. Next change the current working directory to the root of the repo:

    $ cd StarCluster
  3. Make symbolic links to the hooks in your <repo>/.git/hooks directory:

    $ ln -s $PWD/git-hooks/pre-commit $PWD/.git/hooks/pre-commit
  4. Install both pep8 and pyflakes packages from PYPI:

    $ easy_install pep8 pyflakes

Now whenever you run git commit both PEP8 and PyFlakes will check the files to be committed for errors, e.g.:

$ git commit
>>> Running pyflakes...
starcluster/ undefined name 'blah'
ERROR: pyflakes failed on some source files
ERROR: please fix the errors and re-run this script
Something went wrong with that request. Please try again.