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A drop-in vim configuration folder which uses several vim plugins to create a powerful IDE
VimL Python
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vimide - VIM as an Integrated Development Environment

Plugins Included:
MiniBufExpl -
	Use Shift-( and Shift-) switch between buffers

NERD_Tree -
	Pressing <F9> will toggle the project explorer in a right pane

NERD_Commenter -
	To toggle commenting a line or visual block use ,c<space>

Tasklist -
	Pressing <F7> will toggle the task list in a top pane

Taglist -
	Pressing <F8> will toggle the code explorer in a left pane

Pydoc -
	While over a word use \pW to bring up pydoc for that word (if any)
	Alternatively, use :Pydoc some.python.module to view the docs associated with a 
	particular python module

VIM Completion Plugins:
SuperTab -
	Configured to auto determine appropriate completion type (defaults to dictionary 
	look-up using pydiction's dictionary)
	Press tab after a . or word while in insert mode to see possible completions.

Pydiction -
	Using only the dictionary for default completion type with supertab. This way, 
	SuperTab handles the Tab key and we still get pydiction's nice completions when 
	omnicomplete can't do the job.


$ git clone git://
$ mv vimide ~/.vim
$ ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc
$ vim /some/file/and/test/it/out

You should change the path to the pydiction dictionary 
in the vimrc config file to reflect your vim config 
directory location
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