Python multithreaded job distribution module.
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Performing tasks in many threads made fun!

The workerpool module is a simple framework for easily distributing jobs into multiple worker threads.

Examples of usage can be found in the unit tests (/test) and the samples provided (/samples).

This module facilitates distributing simple operations into jobs that are sent to worker threads, maintained by a pool object.

It consists of these components:

  • Jobs - single units of work that need to be performed.
  • Workers - workers grab jobs from a queue and run them.
  • Worker pool - keeps track of workers and the job queue.

Getting Started

The best place to start for now is to read the code and look at the examples in the unit tests (/test) and the sample uses (/samples). Documentation contributions are welcome! What have you accomplished with the workerpool?


MassDownloader - How to write a simple multi-threaded mass downloader in under 10 lines of code.


There's good work being done on a native Python multiprocessing module. The functionality has a lot of overlap with workerpool. Worth having a look at!


  • 2011-06-02: Migrating project to Github.
  • 2008-03-09: Released workerpool 0.9.2 (CHANGES) Warning: WorkerPool constructor signature changed.
  • 2008-03-02: Released workerpool 0.9.1 (CHANGES)
  • 2008-03-02: Added MassDownloader tutorial.
  • TODO

Add more complete usage examples and wiki tutorials. More thorough unit testing Finalize the API for a 1.0 release

Who's Using WorkerPool?

  • s3funnel - Multithreaded tool for performing operations on Amazon's S3
  • starcluster - Tool for creating clusters of virtual machines on EC2

Are you using it? Let us know!


This module was originally developed during my work at Idée Inc. Big thanks to Idée for letting me open source it!


Copyright (c) 2008 Andrey Petrov (

Original copyright by Idee Inc. (