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This gem provides a base set of Capistrano extensions including the following:

  • a new :gemfile RemoteDependency type

  • tasks/helpers for handling public and private asset folders (e.g. created by the file_column plugin)

  • tasks/helpers for auto-syncing server gems (via integration with the GemInstaller gem)

  • helpers for dealing with multiple deployable environments (e.g. staging, prodtest, production)

  • tasks for working with remote logfiles

  • tasks for database/asset synchronization from production back to local environments

  • integration with environmentalist

For a detailed exploration of these features, check out the wiki:


FIX (code sample of usage)


  • Capistrano ~> 2.5.5

  • GemInstaller ~> 0.5.1


  • sudo gem install capistrano-extensions (stable from rubyforge)

  • sudo gem install jtrupiano-capistrano-extensions (HEAD of repo from github)