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* Allow individual files to be specified in :shared_content (e.g. ChaseCCTool.swf in Chase)
* Write an all-encompassing "pull from production, migrate, test" recipe.
* Fix nested geminstaller shortcoming...won't pick up on the nested file structure I recently devised.
* Better compression than gzip? Already abstracted this out to :zip, :unzip and :zip_ext, but may still want to do some more benchmarking.
** INCREMENTAL (DELTA) CONTENT DOWNLOADS, FTW!!! -- tar -N (to pass a timestamp to only pick up new files)...perhaps this can speed up the :copy_cache too??
* MySQL import seems to take quite awhile...anyway to speed it up?
* Extend Capistrano by creating a :property function to replace the set, _cset mess. That way we can track the properties and create the documentation for the parameters that was always so elusive.
* We could also ensure that all executables invoked are recorded in a similar fashion, by using something other than :property to define it...perhaps :executable. We could then always ensure that the program is invokable on the target system and abort the run before we even start it if something's missing.
* Perhaps we should be using a set of rake tasks to manage a lot of this "shell scripting"...might clean up deploy.rb