A tool for identifying exactly which gems have been loaded by a given ruby script or rake task.
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gem_filer allows you to generate a dependency manifest (output in bundler's Gemfile format) for existing codebases. I find it particularly useful when forking other folks' ruby OSS projects. After I finally get all of their development dependencies installed (through trial and errror and sheer persistence), I can contribute back a Gemfile for those forkers that follow after me.

gem_filer is in the very early stages of development and in fact may never see a real release. Developing it has served as an exercise in better understanding RubyGems and Bundler.


Supported CLI options:

$> gemfiler [OPTIONS]
  -r, --ruby FILE                  Use ruby instead of rake
      --rails                      Use config/boot.rb instead of rake
  -o, --out FILE                   name of Gemfile to output: defaults to Gemfile
  -t, --task RAKE_TASK             Specify rake task to invoke instead of :default

Find the dependencies for a rake task:

$> gemfiler -t a_task

Find the dependencies for a specific ruby program:

$> gemfiler -r timecop.rb
  Adding rack 1.0.1
$>less Gemfile
  gem 'rack', '= 1.0.1'

Find the dependencies for a rails project:

$> gemfiler --rails

Find the dependencies for the test environment for a rails project:

$> RAILS_ENV=test gemfiler --rails

Programmatic Usage

gem_filer can be used programmatically to interrogate arbitrary ruby code.

require '/path/to/gem_filer' # include gem_filer.rb at the root of the rep
GemFiler.init(:gemfile => '/path/and/file/name')
# do whatever you want here


gem_filer cannot currently be used with rails' “rake test” command. This is due to the fact that this task spawns new threads to run each of your test suites. gem_filer can only track those gems activated in a single thread.

gem_filer still needs to be wrapped up into a gem. I have been considering writing a framework to on-the-fly allow you to install missing dependencies. You can find this endeavor in hot_installer.rb. Thanks go out to Avdi Grimm and his work on hammertime as the inspiration for hot_installer.