Javascript (prototype) class for providing templated multi-file upload functionality (a la Gmail)
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At this stage, it’s simply a javascript class that allows templated multi-file-upload functionality
(a la Gmail). No server-side helpers of any kind have been implemented yet, but this should be a very
simple addition for rails. In the meantime, the javascript object can be consumed very simply. See
the example below.

Sample Usage

(in a rails view)

  <% content_for :head do -%>
    <%= javascript_include_tag "multi_file_upload" %>
    <script type="text/javascript">
      var NewJobState = {
        file_upload: 0,
        initializeMultiFileUpload: function() {
          var item_template = "<input type=\"file\" name=\"job[attachments][][file]\" value=\"\" id=\"attachment#{index}\" class=\"file\" style=\"float: none;\" />";
          var separator = "<br style='clear: both;' />";

          this.file_upload = new MultiFileUpload("attachment_container", item_template, separator);

      Event.observe(window, 'load', NewJobState.initializeMultiFileUpload);
  <% end -%>

  .... later on down in the form
  <label>Add Attachments</label>
  <div id="attachment_container" class="ctrl-holder">
    This will be replaced on page load.
  </div> <!-- [end] #attachment_container -->

By passing in a template (item_template above), we’re able to specify how we want the items laid out, what their id’s/names should be, etc. We have more or less full control. This means that
we’re basically server-side independent. The way I’ve coded the name attribute in the above example, the
attachments would all be available as follows:

  var attachments = params[:job][:attachments]
  attachments.each do |attachment|
    file = attachment[:file]
    # do what you want with the file