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Merge pull request #68 from reneedv/master

Fixes #67 doc update for Rails 4
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commit 4328771dbb8258f06b6e9c80efd7351dfecc779e 2 parents f07b691 + 0ed4d0c
@travisjeffery travisjeffery authored
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@@ -27,6 +27,8 @@ end
### Sample usage in a rails app
+Rails 3 or less:
# config/application.rb
config.middleware.insert_before(Rack::Lock, Rack::Rewrite) do
@@ -37,8 +39,7 @@ config.middleware.insert_before(Rack::Lock, Rack::Rewrite) do
-If you use `config.threadsafe`, you'll need to `insert_before(Rack::Runtime, Rack::Rewrite)` as `Rack::Lock` does
-not exist when `config.allow_concurrency == true`:
+Rails 4+ or if you use `config.threadsafe`, you'll need to `insert_before(Rack::Runtime, Rack::Rewrite)` as `Rack::Lock` does not exist when `config.allow_concurrency == true`:
config.middleware.insert_before(Rack::Runtime, Rack::Rewrite) do
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