Benchmarking tests of using RoR polymorphic relationships through strings versus integers, with and without indices.
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Ruby on Rails Polymorphic Relation Benchmarking
Nick Gauthier (
John Trupiano (

I created this app to test the polymorphic relationships in rails.

Specifically, I wanted to know if using strings for comparison was slower
than using a manual linking table via integers.

The current implementation includes four test scenarios for polymorphic tables:
1) integer
2) integer w/ index
3) string (as rails does it)
4) string w/ index (which you can add)

It currently supports mysql, sqlite3 and possibly postgres (not fully tested).  Whatever you
have defined in db/dbs.yml will get loaded and run against, allowing you to test more than
one DBMS at a single time.

Rake Tasks

# rake db:create
Reads in databases from db/dbs.yml and creates them

# rake db:drop
Reads in databases from db/dbs.yml and drops them

# rake db:migrate
Runs migrations on all databases in db/dbs.yml

# rake db:reload
create -> drop -> migrate

# rake run (default)
Runs the simulations