ASQG Format

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The ASQG format describes an assembly graph. Each line is a tab-delimited record. The first field in each record describes the record type. The three types are:

  1. HT - Header record. This record contains metadata tags for the file version (VN tag) and parameters associated with the graph (for example the minimum overlap length).
  2. VT - Vertex records. The second field contains the vertex identifier, the third field contains the sequence. Subsequent fields contain optional tags.
  3. ED - Edge description records. The second field describes a pair of overlapping sequences. A full description of this field is below. Subsequent fields contain optional tags.


Tags follow the same format as SAM


HT	VN:i:1	ER:f:0	OL:i:45	IN:Z:reads.fa	CN:i:1	TE:i:0
ED	read2 read1 0 46 50 3 49 50 0 0
ED	read3 read2 0 47 50 2 49 50 0 0

Edge descriptions

The second field of ED records describe an overlap between a pair of sequences. This field contains 10 elements which are:

  1. sequence 1 name
  2. sequence 2 name
  3. sequence 1 overlap start (0 based)
  4. sequence 1 overlap end (inclusive)
  5. sequence 1 length
  6. sequence 2 overlap start (0 based)
  7. sequence 2 overlap end (inclusive)
  8. sequence 2 length
  9. sequence 2 orientation (1 for reversed with respect to sequence 1)
  10. number of differences in overlap (0 for perfect overlaps, which is the default).