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TDTrac is a web based show budget and payroll hours tracker, built by a TD, for other TD's, freelance designers, and anyone else who finds it useful. TDTrac is completely free, released as open source. We also offer hosting plans for a nominal fee (no domain required!) so you don't need to pay for webspace elsewhere.

TDTrac Features:

  • Track as many show budgets as you wish
  • Budgets can be organized by vendor, category, or even amount spent
  • Track as many active or inactive employees as you wish
  • Configurable hourly or daily pay rate for budgeting purposes
  • Configurable hourly or daily pay methods for accurate work force accounting
  • Allow your employees to add thier own hours, while being notified on your next login
  • Optionally allow your employees to add budget expenses, or even view the current budget


You may use this code, in part or in full, for any reason, in any circumstance without notifying the author. You may redistribute this code, in full or part, with any project you work on. If you wish to charge for this code as part of your project, you may. You may not sell this code without modification, but you may charge for installation or use of this code on your own server. If you find this especially useful, or make a ton of money off this though, please drop me a line as I would love to see what you have put together. Also, if you use this code as a basis of a new project, I would also like to see what you come up with.