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A Theater Oriented Budget and Payroll Tracker

TDTrac is a web based show budget and payroll hours tracker, built by a Technical Director, for other TD's, freelance designers, and anyone else who finds it useful. TDTrac is completely free, released as open source. We also offer hosting plans for a nominal fee (no domain required!) so you don't need to pay for webspace elsewhere.


  • Track individual show or project budgets
  • Track individual show or project task lists
  • Track individual show or project payroll, included:
  • An unlimited number of active or inactive employees.
  • A secure interface to allow employees to track their own hours.
  • Keep track of which payroll items have been paid, and which are outstanding
  • Remind your employees quickly via e-mail that payroll is due
  • Fine grained access control on a per show/job basis.
  • Fully mobile-ready interface for phone, ipod, tablet or netbook use.


  • MySQL 5.7+
  • PHP 7.x+
  • Apache or similar webserver
  • Approx 100 MB of space for web files + caches
  • A shared or unique MySQL database

Demo Version

The live demo of TDTrac is open to all. Data inside the demo is reset periodically, removing all but the demonstration entries. You can access it at