Android 2.3 phones attempt to dial if inactive date is selected #149

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Reproduced on a few Android 2.3 phones. Cannot be reproduced on Android 2.2 or iPhone.

If you set afterToday to true, and then try to select a date prior to today - Android will attempt to dial a phone number made up of the date you selected and the next few days.

This actually seems to happen for inactive days of any kind. Verified on the demo site:

  1. Using an Android 2.3 phone,
  2. Select the datebox on the first input field.
  3. Touch a date that is inactive.

Expected behavior: Nothing happens

Actual behavior: if you select the 9th and it is inactive, the dialer pops up with a phone number of "910-1112". If you select the 2nd, the dialer pops up with a phone number of "234-5678"

We've had to allow for users of Android phones to select dates prior to today and then validate after the fact.


Oh, gross. I'll look at how to stop this behavior.


Alright - so, the update - got an updated phone here finally, running 2.3.6 - either it is very specific to certain hardware/versions, or I fixed it when I did a whole bunch of other sh** recently. Any updates on your end?



No, it still persists on my Droid Bionic running 2.3.4 . I just repeated it on the "Limit to today + 60 days" demo on .

I've noticed that it tends to happen when you press and hold on a date for 1-2 seconds. It's a little longer than a quick touch, but not long enough to bring up the selection tool. When I just touch the date quickly, it doesn't happen. Guess I'm a long presser.

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