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A multi-mode date and time picker for jQueryMobile, Bootstrap, & jQueryUI
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DateBox is a jQuery-mobile based date and time picker.

This is based in part on the work of Todd M. Horst, and his Android Like Date Picker 2

DateBox Features

  • Multiple Data-Entry Modes:

    • Android style date picker
    • Calendar style date picker
    • Slide style date picker
    • 12 and 24 hour time picker
    • Duration time picker
  • 4 Different display modes:

    • Standard, click-outside-to-close popup mode
    • Forced input modal popup mode
    • Unique page dialog mode
    • Inline mode
  • Fully localized:

    • Configurable Month names
    • Configurable Day Names
    • All labels and buttons configuratble
  • Supports data-limiting of input:

    • Configurable maximum and minimum years (android mode)
    • Configurable maximum and minimum number of days from "today" (both date modes)
    • Allows blacklisting of days of the week or specific dates (calendar mode)
    • Allows selecting specific day from any week selection (calendar mode)
  • Automatically parses hand-entered or pre-entered dates on open

  • Auto-bind's to data-type='datebox', options are configurable via data-options.

Suggested Use

// BEFORE loading jQM
$( document ).bind( "mobileinit", function(){
    $ = 'text';

No Option Overrides:

<input type="date" data-role="datebox" name="somedate" />

With Option Overrides:

<input type="date" data-role="datebox" name="somedate" data-options='{"buttonTheme": "b", "dateFormat": "mm/dd/YYYY"}' />

Global Option Overrides:

// AFTER loading jQM
jQuery.extend(, {
    'dateFormat': '',
    'headerFormat': ''

Available Options

These can be passed to datebox via an object set at the data-options attribute, or in the standard method.

  • (operation mode) option : Description (default value)


  • (all) theme : Theme for original input element. (c)
  • (all) pickPageTheme : Theme for popup window or dialog. (b)
  • (all) pickPageButtonTheme : Widget buttons. (a)
  • (all) zindex : Z-Index for popup window. (500)
  • (all) noAnimation : Disable popup window animations. (false)
  • (android) pickPageInputTheme : Month/Date/Year Input Elements. (e)
  • (slide) pickPageSlideButtonTheme : Non-centered slide buttons. (d)
  • (cal/slide) pickPageHighButtonTheme : "Selected" Day highlighting. (e)
  • (calendar) pickPageTodayButtonTheme : "Today" Day highlighting. (e)
  • (calendar) calWeekModeHighlight : Toggle all buttons on week mode. (true)
  • (calendar) disabledDayColor : Text color for disabled days with date limiting. (#888)

Date Formats and Text Internationalization

  • (android) daysOfWeek : An array of the days of the week. (['Sunday', 'Monday', ... 'Saturday'])
  • (android) fieldsOrder : Define the order of the fields. (['m', 'd', 'y'])
  • (cal/slide) daysOfWeekShort : An Array of abreviations for days of the week. (['Su', 'Mo', ... 'Sa'])
  • (slide) monthsOfYearShort : An Array of abbreviations for the months. (['Jan', 'Feb', ... 'Dec'])
  • (duration) durationLabel : An Array of the parts of the duration. ('Days', 'Hours', 'Minutes', 'Seconds')
  • (duration) durationDays : An Array of the singular and plural name for days. ('Day', 'Days')
  • (duration) durationShort : Use the shortest mode possible to display duration. (true)
  • (duration) durationNoDays : Do not break off days from duration, only h:i:s. (false)
  • (duration) durationSteppers : An object of the amount to step each part of the duration. ({'d':1, 'h':1, 'i':1, 's':1})
  • (all date) monthsOfYear : An Array of months of the year. (['January', 'February', ... 'December'])
  • (all date) headerFormat : Return header format. (ddd, mmm dd, YYYY)
    • YYYY : 4 Digit Year
    • MM : 2 Digit Month (zero pad)
    • mm : 1 or 2 Digit Month
    • mmm : Text Month
    • DD : 2 Digit Day (zero pad)
    • dd : 1 or 2 Digit Day
    • ddd : Day of week
  • (both date) dateFormat : Return date format. (YYYY-MM-DD)
    • YYYY : 4 Digit Year
    • MM : 2 Digit Month (zero pad)
    • mm : 1 or 2 Digit Month
    • DD : 2 Digit Day (zero pad)
    • dd : 1 or 2 Digit Day
  • (time) timeFormat : Either '12' or '24' - The clock mode, 12hr or 24hr. (24)
  • (time) meridiemLetters : Meridiem notation (['AM', 'PM'])

Data Limits:

  • (all date) defaultDate : Default date when nothing entered into input box. (null)
  • (all date) afterToday : Limit date to "today" or after. (false)
  • (all date) maxDays : Set the upper limit to this # of days after today. (false)
  • (all date) minDays : Set the lower limit to this # of days before today. (false)
  • (android) maxYear : Maximum year allowed in controls (non-constrained in text box). (false)
  • (android) minYear : Minimum year allowed in controls (non-constrained in text box). (false)
  • (calendar) calWeekMode : Boolean, week mode on or off (choose only a specific DAY). (false)
  • (calendar) calWeekModeFirstDay : Day of week to choose with week mode (numeric, 0-6, relative to calendar display). (1)
  • (calendar) calStartDay : Day of week to start calendar on (numeric - 0=Sun, 1=Mon,... 6=Sat). (0)
  • (calendar) blackDays : An array of days of the week to blacklist. (false)
    • example : [0,2] : Blacklist sunday and tuesday.
  • (calendar) blackDates : A complex object tree or simple array of individual dates to blacklist. (false)
    • example : [ '2010-12-24', '2010-12-25' ] : Blacklist December 24th & 25th, 2010.
  • (time) minuteStep : Number of minutes to step per button press in timebox mode. (1)

User Interface:

  • mode : Mode of operation. (datebox)
    • datebox : Android Style Datepicker
    • calbox : Calendar Datepicker
    • timebox : Android Style Time Picker
    • slidebox : Slide Style Datepicker
    • durationbox: Duration Style Time Picker
  • (all) useDialogForceTrue : Boolean Always use Dialog Window, regardless of screen size. (false)
  • (all) useDialogForceFalse : Boolean Never use Dialog Window, regardless of screen size. (false)
  • (all) useModal : Use modal styling (background fades out) on popup. (false)
  • (all) noButtonFocusMode : Suppress button, open on element focus instead. (false)
  • (all) noButton : Suppress button. (false)
  • (all) useInline : Show datebox inline on page, no dialog or popup. (false)
  • (all) useInlineHideInput : When using inline mode, do not show the input box. (false)
  • (all) titleDialogLabel: Dialog label override. (false)
  • (all) closeCallback : A function to run on DateBox close. (false)
  • (all) swipeEnabled : Swipe gestures active (only cal / slide for now). (true)
  • (android) setDateButtonLabel : The label displayed in the set date button. (Set Date)
  • (calendar) calShowDays : Boolean show day names in grid. (true)
  • (calendar) calShowOnlyMonth : show only this month, do not fill in empty boxes. (false)
  • (duration) setDurationButtonLabel : The label displayed in the set duration button. (Set Duration)
  • (all date) titleDateDialogLabel: Dialog label for date mode. (Set Date)
  • (time) setTimeButtonLabel : The label displayed in the set time button. (Set Time)
  • (time) titleTimeDialogLabel: Dialog label for time mode. (Set Time)

To disable the element, use the standard disabled='disabled' in your markup.

Value Notes (durationbox) - Supported initial strings:

  • seconds : 140
  • minutes:seconds : 121:10
  • hours:minutes:seconds : 34:12:10
  • days string, hours:minutes:seconds : 3 ignored, 03:12:10

Runtime Operation (Scripting / Extending)

The plugin supports a number of public functions:

  • $('element').datebox('open'); // Open the DateBox control

  • $('element').datebox('close'); // Close the DateBox control

  • $('element').datebox('disable'); // Disable the DateBox control

  • $('element').datebox('enable'); // Enable the DateBox control

  • $('element').datebox('refresh'); // Force the DateBox control to refresh it's display (see below)

The following options can be changed after initialization (i.e. in per-page scripts after load). Almost all will require you to refresh the control.

  • Data limiting:
    • minDays & maxDays & afterToday
    • minYear & maxYear
    • blackDays & blackDates
    • calWeekMode & calWeekModeFirstDay
    • minuteStep
  • Display / Internationalization:
    • calStartDay
    • daysOfWeek, daysOfWeekShort, monthsOfYear, monthsOfYearShort, headerFormat
    • dateFormat (probably - it will throw off reopens though)
    • Dialog mode forcing (either on or off)
  • Any of the calendar of slide mode themes (except the base theme) & disabledDayColor & calWeekModeHighLight
  • closeCallback

The following options happen to early, and cannot be changed post-initialization by script events.

  • Operation mode
  • Any of the labels on buttons / window titles.
  • Any of the themes on the datebox or time modes.
  • Any of the options related to inline display
  • noButtonFocusMode, useModal, zindex, noAnimation, timeFormat, fieldsOrder
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