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jQM-1.0.0 / 2011-12-13

  • Contributors: fminuti, glogiotatidis, ray007, asgeo1, chasetec
  • Add two options: fullScreen and fullScreenAlways to allow an option other than dialog mode
  • Add button options: id, hidden, insertSeperator; Add callbacks: onCreated, onOpened, onClosed, onShown - thanks Joro
  • Add option: clickEvent - allow use of vclick or click, dependant on user preference
  • Add option in blank mode to use [rel="close"] for a link/button/element to auto-close
  • Add options "animate" and "transition"
  • Add option "cleanOnClose" to completely remove self from DOM on close - for single use dialogs
  • allow "fullHTML" config option to be a HTMLElement or a jQuery object instead of string-only
  • Add option "subTitle" for a second line of text
  • Add "inputPassword" option
  • Add "blank" mode - raw HTML fed into the dialog wrapper
  • Update demo with selectbox addition method (the reason I wrote the "string" mode
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