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Example plugins for Solve for All

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/jtsay362/solveforall-example-plugins

This repository contains the source code for the actual plugins by Solve for All used on the site. Pull requests for fixes, more features, and more plugins are very welcome! Also keep in mind you can upload your own plugins to Solve for All without our approval. You can also continue to run your own plugins and publish them to the the Solve for All community.


This project uses Sass to preprocess SCSS files into CSS, and uglify to minify Javascript. It can also concatenate JS files together for client-side JS included in trusted inline content. To be able to process the files, install npm and gulp if you haven't already, then run:

npm install

To process the files, type:

gulp build

which will output the processed files in build.


This project contains a test harness for EJS or Javascript plugins. The source files are passed through Babel, so you can use ES6 in your scripts. To run the tests, install Apache Ant and type:


See the files in test to see how to add tests.

Pull Requests

Pull requests are accepted for the following reasons:

  • Changes to the official Solve for All plugins (which more users are likely to have installed already): modify or add code to the src directory
  • Requested additions to the set of available CommonJS modules: modify or add code to the test_harness/modules directory, add a sample to env_test that shows it working. Note that these are preferred over built-ins.
  • Requested additions to the built-in Javascript environment: modify or add code to the test_harness/builtins directory, add a sample to env_test that shows it working.

Getting Help

I'd love to help you develop a plugin! Send a mail to help@solveforall.com and I'll try to set up a time in which I'll try to help you get started or answer any questions you have.