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Tetris for the GameBoy Advance
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gbatris is a classic-style tetris game for the Nintendo GameBoy Advance.

I always liked the original GameBoy tetris, and not any of the "improved" versions that where released for the GBA and the Nintendo DS. So I made gbatris to be as close as possible to the original GameBoy tetris.

gbatris is based on, and shares some code with, my previous termtris project, which is a tetris for ANSI/VT220-compatible terminals on UNIX systems:


  • D-pad left/right moves the block horizontally.
  • D-pad down makes the block fall faster.
  • B button, or D-pad up drops the block immediately.
  • A button rotates the block.
  • START pauses the game.
  • SELECT starts a new game.
  • pressing either trigger button toggles music on/off.


Copyright (C) 2019 John Tsiombikas

This program is free software. Feel free to use, modify, and/or redistribute it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3, or at your option, any later version published by the Free Software Foundation. See COPYING for details.

The background music is a short loop from Greig Stewart's Korobeinki composition and performance on a Laser Harp. Copyright (C) 2012 Greig Stewart Get the full version and support the artist on bandcamp:


Current release of gbatris is v1.0, and is available as a gziped tarball or a zip archive. Both archives are identical, and contain source code, data files, and a pre-compiled GameBoy Advance ROM image:

Alternatively you may clone the latest version of the source code, directly from the git repository:

git clone


To build gbatris you need the devkitarm GBA toolchain from:

No libraries are used other than the GCC C runtime support libraries; just the C compiler, binutils, and link scripts. So if you already have a freestanding ARM cross-compiler (target arm-none-eabi), you can probably just grab the appropriate link script, and spec file from the devkitarm archives, and use them to build gbatris.

Additionally, the img2tiles tool, which is built as part of the gbatris build process, depends on libpng and zlib.

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