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Jeff Tsui
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doc Updated documentation for MongoDB binding and others. closes #8 May 12, 2010
dynamodb gh-97 Bug fixes in dynamodb plugin Oct 22, 2012
elasticsearch gh-93 New ElasticSearch Database Implementation Sep 11, 2012
gemfire gh-66 bump up version. use Feb 21, 2012
hbase gh-100 Time clean up and count it for hbase as update. Dec 16, 2012
hypertable Added lines to hypertable/pom.xml to allow import of hypertable jars. Jul 10, 2012
infinispan gh-66 bump up version. use Feb 21, 2012
jdbc gh-47 Fix an issue with JDBC scans Dec 16, 2012
leveldb comment out prints Nov 26, 2013
leveldbjni update leveldbjni Dec 10, 2013
mapkeeper gh-66 modified mapkeeper readme Feb 21, 2012
mongodb gh-95 Update the MongoDB driver to use a singleton Mongo instance for Dec 16, 2012
nosqldb gh-66 update nosql README Feb 24, 2012
orientdb gh-76 Updated the orientdb version to 1.0.1. Aug 14, 2012
redis gh-66 bump up version. use Feb 21, 2012
voldemort gh-66 bump up version. use Feb 21, 2012
workloads 8 threads instead of 4 Dec 20, 2013
.gitignore remove workload f Dec 20, 2013
BUILD gh-66 added more stuff in BUILD. added db links in ycsb. Feb 22, 2012
CHANGELOG gh-95 Update the MongoDB driver version to 2.9.0. Dec 16, 2012
LICENSE.txt Initial commit of YCSB. Apr 19, 2010
NOTICE.txt Initial commit of YCSB. Apr 19, 2010
README gh-66 updated readme Feb 24, 2012
checkstyle.xml gh-67 use checkstyle. Feb 27, 2012 graphs Dec 20, 2013
graphs.xlsx graphs Dec 20, 2013
leveldb.pptx graphs Dec 20, 2013
pom.xml leveldbjni Dec 10, 2013 new workload Dec 12, 2013
ycsb leveldbjni Dec 10, 2013 add graph script, move ycsb out of bin so eclipse doesnt delete Nov 26, 2013


Yahoo! Cloud System Benchmark (YCSB)


Getting Started

1. Download the latest release of YCSB:

    tar xfvz ycsb-0.1.4
    cd ycsb-0.1.4

2. Set up a database to benchmark. There is a README file under each binding

3. Run YCSB command. 

    bin/ycsb load basic -P workloads/workloada
    bin/ycsb run basic -P workloads/workloada

   Running the `ycsb` command without any argument will print the usage. 
   for a detailed documentation on how to run a workload.

   See for 
   the list of available workload properties.
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