Updated template for go/no-go demo experiment with PsiTurk and jsPsych in CoffeeScript.
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This is an updated example of the integration between PsiTurk and jsPsych. It is a rewrite of the example code given in the jsPsych tutorial using Literate CoffeeScript. It uses some code used in jodeleeuw's experiment example (also available on GitHub).

For a breakdown of how the experiment works, see the Literate CoffeeScript file, or, if you prefer, see the compiled javascript.

The experiment file templates/exp.html calls the static/js/experiment.js experiment.

See the PsiTurk Quick Start Guide for info on how to get up and running quickly. Instead of using psiturk-setup-example to create example code, you can check out this repository.

git clone --recursive https://github.com/jtth/jspsi-go-example.git

You can use git clone https://github.com/jtth/jspsi-go-example.git and symlink your own local copy of jsPsych if you'd prefer.

Or just grab it using the PsiTurk Experiment Exchange.

psiturk-install NiyHgcEBwwH7uQebC2oWPN

Once you have the directory on your computer, go into it and start PsiTurk.

cd jspsi-go-example

If you want to edit the CoffeeScript experiment and have it installed, run this in the directory with experiment.litcoffee to automatically recompile the script into javascript every time you save.

coffee -c -w experiment.litcoffee

All of this is available under an MIT license. If you like this and want more examples in CoffeScript, consider leaving a tip through PayPal or through Cash.