Perform batch execution of Inkscape extensions
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Inkscape Batch Effect

This script allows for batch execution of Inkscape extensions. Based on a .csv file listing the executables and options, it chains together extensions into a pipeline that acts like a single Inkscape extension.



Execute the following:

# make install

This will install the necessary files into /usr/share/inkscape/extensions/.


Copy and batch_effect.inx into C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions\. Note that although I designed this extension to be portable, it is untested on Windows.


After installation, you should be able to run the extension in Inkscape from the menu item Extensions > Render > Batch Effect... You only need to supply a path to the .csv file listing the executables and arguments to call. See Operation for more information about this file.


This extension takes as input the path to a single .csv file listing the executables to be called and their arguments. The first column should list the absolute paths to the executables. The remaining columns should list the options/arguments. For example:


Note that if receives any --id arguments from Inkscape, then it inserts these unmodified at the beginning of the argument list of each call. operates by passing the SVG data provided by Inkscape to the first executable on stdin. It then pipes stdout from that executable to stdin on the next executable, and so on. The stdout from the final executable is piped to the stdout of, which Inkscape receives.

To determine the executables and the appropriate arguments for Inkscape extensions, read the source files in the directory where your extensions are stored. In particular, .inx files describe the executables and arguments for every extension. They define the interface that Inkscape uses to execute the extensions. See this wiki page for more information about how Inkscape extensions work.