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This a system to generate PDF (via LaTeX), HTML, TXT, Sphinx, and Markdown resumes from a YAML file containing all of the resume content. It is partly inspired by Ming-Ho Yee's resume project. A single Python script performs the transformation using PyYAML to parse the data file(s) and Jinja2 to fill the data into templates.

The primary resume data is stored in resume.yml. A second YAML file resume-nonweb.yml (not included in this repository) contains information that should not be publicly available online (address, telephone number, etc.). resume-nonweb.example.yml is provided as an example. The Python script can actually accept arbitrarily many YAML files and merge their data together.

After parsing the YAML data files, the script applies the regex replacements in config.yml to the individual strings in the data to escape problematic characters, apply simple markup, etc. config.yml also contains configuration for which delimiters to use for Jinja2 (because the default delimiters don't work well for LaTeX) and the desired line endings (to enable DOS line endings in the TXT output for those unfortunate MS Notepad users).

The resulting data is then applied to the various *.j2 templates to generate the output. The LaTeX output is then compiled to a PDF.

The HTML output is bare-bones, intended for inclusion into a HTML-based blog with custom CSS. The Sphinx output is a reStructuredText file intended for inclusion into a Sphinx-based website with custom CSS. The Markdown output is intended for inclusion in a website with custom CSS.


To build everything, simply type:


The usage details for the script are:

usage: [-h] [--config CONFIG]
                           {latex,html,txt,sphinx,markdown} template output data
                           [data ...]

Render resume templates.

positional arguments:
                        Output file type.
  template              Path to Jinja2 template file.
  output                Desired output path.
  data                  Paths to YAML files with data.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --config CONFIG       Path to config YAML file. (default: config.yml)


  • Python 3.x
  • Jinja2
  • PyYAML
  • LaTeX (for PDF output)


See LICENSE.rst.


I developed this project for my own personal use. If you have any changes that would be helpful for general use, please feel free to submit a pull request.


My personal resume generation system




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