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Projects combining multiple disparate components, like this one, are problematic from a licensing perspective. As a result, I am licensing different components under different licenses, as follows:

moderncvcolorbluecustom.sty and moderncvstylebankingcustom.sty
I am licensing my modifications under the original license, the LaTeX Project Public License version 1.3c. See the header of each file for details.
This is the content of my personal resume, so I don't want anyone distributing modified versions. As a result, I am licensing it under the CC BY-ND 4.0 license. Of course, you can write your own file that serves the same purpose for you.
all other files
I am licensing these under the GPL v2+.

Feel free to ask if you'd like for me to release any of these files to you under another license; I'll probably be happy to do so.