(MATLAB/Java) LSTM Based Lipreader using President Obama's weekly addresses as a training set.
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LSTM Based Lipreader using President Obama's weekly addresses as a training set. It is hoped that this dataset will also be found useful for other tasks, such as training speech recognition models. The data consists of : - 1.5 million face-cropped images (96 x 96 x 3), and isolated mouth images (40 x 40, grayscale) - the corresponding sound samples for each frame (sampled at 25 or 30 fps, depending on video) - the corresponding caption files, in vtt form.

The caption files, along with audio power RMS threshold detection in the audio samples themselves, were used to build frame-wise estimates of where each word is spoken in each video. There are more than 8000 unique words in these videos, (more than 205k words in all) with more than 3000 words spoken at least 5 times (which will yield 10 training examples with the face/mouth images flipped across their horizontal axis).

This Repo holds matlab files used to process avi files, split them into images and sound samples at various (user selectable) sample rates, and then take face-isolated and mouth-isolated images and use them to train sequential learning algorithms.

This repo also holds data pertaining to estimated frame-wise caption locations for labels for each spoken word.

The data used for this project was acquired from the weekly addresses of President Obama from 2009-2015, which consisted of 310 4-8 minute videos. The data can be found here :


This link will expire on 6/1/2016. After this date, please email this jturner65@gatech.edu to get access.

Included in this dataset is also a 100 x 100 node torroidal hex SOM trained on the audio data of the first 130 of the videos. The library used to build this SOM is somoclu, found here : https://github.com/peterwittek/somoclu This reduces the dimensions of the audio samples from ~1760 to two integers from 0-99, corresponding to the x,y coordinates of the node on the SOM most similar to the sample.

To train the somoclu, in the SOM's build directory, use a command along the following format : somoclu.exe -k 1 -x 20 -y 20 -m toroid -g hexagonal ".lrn" "_out"

The SOM .lrn files are generated in the matlab code from the audio sample .mat files using 'procSamplesToSOM.m'.