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Digs into Dicts (or Lists, or Tuples or Complex objects)

Useful syntax for digging into nested dictionaries, lists and tuples, and removes the need to check if a key or index exists, or handling of KeyError or IndexError


$ pip install dict_digger


from dict_digger import dig

h = {
    'a': {
         'b': 'tuna',
         'c': 'fish'
     'b': {}

result = dig(h, 'a','b')
print result  # prints 'tuna'

result = dig(h, 'c','a')
print result # prints None
# Important!!  Does not throw an error, just returns None

# but if you like
result = dig(h, 'c','a', fail=True)
# raises a KeyError

# also supports complex objects so ...

complex = {
    'a': {
     'b': {}
result = dig(complex, 'a',0)
print result #prints tuna


    result = h['c']['a']
except KeyError:
    result = None


We are using nose

$ nosetests
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