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Answering the NovaLight challenge, set up in 2000
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The NovaLight Challenge


I found this website from 2000 in flash and wanted to see if we can make an exact copy with modern techniques. You can find the current state of affairs here, for now.


We stand on the shoulders of giants. One of these giants is Peter K. Joneleit. You may not have heard of him, but then again, no one had heard of Chuck Norris until five years ago.

Let me tell you something about Peter K. Joneleit. This man was so clear-sighted it was uncanny. Ever heard of something like css transformations? He invented those. You kids are playing around with stuff like transitions, but that all came out of his head. He was a web-interaction visionary.

In the nineties neither machines nor humans were ready for his ideas. The machines lacked the power, humans were playing around with the &*##!@ blink element. (Peter, if you are reading this, I am so sorry for what you had to go through!).

So, what could Peter do to prevent him from going insane? His solution is so inspiring, it brings tears to my eyes: he created a program of his vision for the web and put it into a time capsule for all to see. His silent message to humanity: "Wake me up when you guys have caught up!"

We have come quite a long way in these 12 years and web browsers are some of the leanest and meanest programs ever. CSS3 and HTML5 are certainly steps in the right direction, although there is still some work to be done.

Peter K. Joneleit, it's time to wake up. Over the last couple of weeks I have spent day and night exploring all the neat features of your vision, like rotating stars, hovering on every element, loading fonts, multiple background layers, moving images (though not gifs!). You basically created the ACID3 test for HTML5/CSS3. Once these could mimic your program, the web could do anything!

What is the meaning of this

It's time to say: Challenge Accepted!

We'll create an exact copy of the original NovaLight program in this repository in pure HTML5 and CSS3. We might need some Javascript for some actions.


  • PHP


  • Add Peter's picture to the overview image
  • Made a start at 3, completely css
  • Refactor source so each page has its own header links
  • The static stars on the background
  • The moving stars background
  • Make font of NOVALIGHT in header broader


  • The awesome introduction
  • Get the music from the swf file
  • Embed and autoplay the music
  • Shining, rotating star in the logo
  • sub-pages

    • 1 not tooo difficult
    • 2 a challenge
    • 3 Easier than I thought, neat
    • 4 could be easy, neat solution == expensive
    • 5 easiest I guess
    • 6 ok, except fro the non-synced progress bar thingy on top
    • 7 difficult
    • 8 aaargh
  • Once you finish some bits and pieces, send a pull request and I'll update this repo and push it to my site

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