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About Interact

Interact is a 2D OpenGL graphics and interaction engine suitable for use in games.


One of the main features of Interact is its simple sprite management system. Just specify where images are kept, and they are automatically (or selectively) loaded as sprites into a sprite tree. Sprites are subsequently accessible globally without polluting any package name-space; simply call the SPRITE-NODE function to retrieve any node from the tree, or use the WITH-SPRITES macro to automatically bind them to suitable lexically-scoped variables.

Interact also has a sprite-sheet system which allows for loss-less, alpha-capable, single file animations with all relevant data such as frame-rate and looping encoded. Sprite-sheets can be saved in any loss-less single image format supported by the DevIL image library. As such, they are also viewable in any picture viewer supporting your selected file format.

The actual display is handled with widgets and screens, and is currently in active development. Although it's already easy to use, this part of the system is prone to huge amounts of change, but it seems promising so far.


  • CFFI
  • CL-DevIL
  • CL-FAD
  • CL-OpenGL
  • Lispbuilder-SDL
  • xlUnit (optional, for unit tests)


After installing all dependencies, manually install Interact by copying the source code to the appropriate directory and providing the ASDF system with the required symbolic links.

Note: To create symbolic links on any Unix system, use the following command while in the appropriate ASDF systems directory:

find ../path/to/interact/source -name '*.asd' -exec ln -s '{}' \;