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The code, presentation and documents for my Mountain West Ruby Conference workshop on using the Arduino to notify you when your CI server is doing stuff.
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MWRC Arduino.key
MWRC Arduino.pdf
SparkFun Electronics Tri-Color LED Assembly Guide.pdf

MWRC 2012 CI Server / Hardware hacking workshop

So... you want to connect lights and sounds to your CI server and don't want to have to do it through a computer?

You're in luck.

We're using:

Contained in this repo are source files: 1 for Arduino and a folder with a simple sinatra app, as well as a presentation and a PDF printed version of Sparkfun's assembly instructions.

The sinatra app represents a server and a protocol that represents an arbitrary remote server.

The arduino connects to the remote server and gets the status. Depending on the status, it lights up a corresponding light.

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