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Dockerfile to build a MariaDB image which contains the project's databases.


This Dockerfile creates and populates 3 databases:

  • drupal7: the Drupal 7 database.
  • drupal8_config: the configuration-only database for Drupal 8, where there is no content, configuration has been imported, and configuration migrations have been executed.
  • drupal8: the full Drupal 8 database, where content migrations have been executed using the drupal8_config database.

Building the image for the first time

Dump the Drupal 7 database

Create a database dump of the source database and save it to scripts/database/dumps/drupal7.sql.

Create, configure, and dump the configuration database

Install Drupal 8, export configuration, install the migrate modules, generate migrations, run configuration migrations, and export the resulting configuration. Then create a database dump and save it to scripts/database/dumps/drupal8.sql. If you need help on these steps, have a look at An Overview for Migrating Drupal Sites to 8.

Dump the configuration database as the full database

Unless you have a small site and want to run the content migration locally via /vendor/bin/robo migrate:content, create a database dump of the configuration database and save it to scripts/database/dumps/drupal8.sql. CircleCI will update this file in the nightly migration.

Create a repository at

Create a repository at via the web interface. There is no need to link the repository to a GitHub trigger. Just create the repository.

Authenticate, build, and push the image

docker login
vendor/bin/robo database:build-image master
vendor/bin/robo database:push-image master

Try pulling the image

Once the tag is available at (monitor the web interface to know this), then pull the image locally and test that it has the databases. Here is an example where I am starting a container at port 3307 (3306 is the default MySQL port but I already have MySQL running at the host machine):

docker pull
docker run -d --name drupal8_migrate -p 3307:3306
mysql -h127.0.0.1 --port=3307 -uroot -p -e 'show databases;'
Enter password: 
| Database           |
| drupal7            |
| drupal8            |
| drupal8_config     |
| information_schema |
| mysql              |
| performance_schema |

Next, adjust the image at .circleci/config.yml so CircleCI will use it for the migration job.

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