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Version 0.7.2
* add mousewheel options to add possibility to disable it
* add an ability to return current coordinates from the info method
Version 0.7.1 (2012/03/01)
* add class iviewer_loading while image is being loaded
* move closure function that deals with loaded image to
the prototype to allow its expansion
* reset image node attribute only after next image was
loaded to remove unwanted image flickering.
Version 0.7 (2012/02/17)
* all callbacks are now fired with _trigger method of jQuery UI. So the first
parameter in every callback now is a jquery event. Other arguments are
shifted. Also, this now point to the html element, not the widget object
* Added info method to access some image properties from outside world
* Updated lightbox example to show, how multiple files can be shown
* Rotation filters are now applied event at zero angle to please IE
Version 0.6 (2012/02/07)
* Changelog file (eventually)
* Image rotation feature
* onAfterZoom is working again
* onMouseMove callback is working again
* Do not animation image on initial load (only zoom will be animated now)