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(none of these things are definite. i just like to keep a list of ideas that i've bounced around with various people)
- have a toFront and toBack method available on Connection (and on return value from method).
would require some notion of what the default zindex was. how best to do that?
- expose "rehomeEndpoint" method on jsPlumb (and 'rehome' on Endpoint); this takes an Endpoint and moves it
to a different parent. should take an optional second method to provide the Container to use.
- add "perimeter" anchors: basically helper methods that create a set of dynamic anchors that together approximate the perimeter of some shape. so if you had circles, for instance, it would be straightforward to get a set of anchors that travel around the circumference of each one. or ellipses. whatever. also look into the possibility of jsPlumb interacting directly with SVG/VML elements to determine their perimeter.
- multiple paint styles, referenced by name. a simple case in on example app i saw could be "up", which paints green,
and "down" which paints red. then you could have "fat" and "skinny" for the bandwidth, for example. this would be backed with an API that behaved like classes on DOM elements -
you could have multiple assigned at once and jsPlumb would merge them all together.
- add jsPlumb.selectEndpoints(...); behaves the same way as .select, but for Endpoints
- do not set jsplumb scope on draggables when it's just some div you are making draggable. (issue 245) DONE
- refactor assigning endpoint styles into a common helper method DONE
- oncontextmenu event bind DONE
- mix of standard anchors on one end and continuous on the other does not paint (done)
- arrow overlay on flowchart sometimes jumps (done)
- random drag log entries (done)
- importDefaults({ some defaults }) method on jsPlumb (like a bulk import) DONE
- draggable by parent issue from google code DONE
possible future enhancements
- beforeDrag interceptor
- straight connector with continuous anchors disappears when horizontal or vertical (fixed?)
- single SVG element/single VML group/single Canvas per page?
- qunit: add helper methods to simulate mousedown and drag. then write some functional tests.
- image overlay?
- make AnchorManager the source of knowledge about connections (remove connections by scope etc)
- z-index: make a highlighted connection or one which is connected to an element that is being dragged come to the top over other connections. have a toFront and toBack method available on Connection (and on return value from method)
- jsPlumb should handle scope, dragActive etc. then can support multiple scopes.
- paint style "profiles": labelled paint styles, with inheritance. so hover, as an example, could extend from some normal state, and just override a couple of values. or you might have different "types" of connections, the paint styles for which could extend some default.