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Andreas Wålm (1):
LocalStorage backup background task, set invalid when expired.
Andrew Grieve (11):
Add VERSION file to the resources of CordovaLibApp
Remove unit test header files and simplify CDVWebViewTest.
Adds a dispose method to CDVViewController.
Adds a way for CordovaLibApp to recreate the ViewController.
Refactor of CDVWebViewTest and partial implementation of CDVLocalStorageTests
Don't use @autoreleasepool.
Added unit test for CDVLocalStorage::__verifyAndFixDatabaseLocations
Add support for chunked uploads to FileTransfer plugin.
Change mutable parameters to non-mutable ones in CDVFileTransfer.
Add tests for CDVFileTransfer.
Properly escape URLs within FileTransfer that end with slash.
Becky Gibson (1):
Fixes CB-997, CB-976 remove Organization
Darryl Pogue (1):
Fix project templates not getting copied to the right path.
Eric Schultz (1):
Fixed FileTransfer upload params
Fil Maj (3):
[CB-1036] factored device info into its own plugin
[CB-1036] Updated cordova-js to latest to support new common device module.
Updating plist to include new device plugin.
Ian Suda (1):
Fix debug and emulate command line tools for xcode 4.3
Shazron Abdullah (51):
Fixes CB-989 - dyld: Symbol not found: _NSURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey
Fixes CB-1000 - Namespace issue of JSONKit and other external libraries
Added Base64 unit tests.
Fixes CB-1025 - Failure to save contact results in a crash when printing the error
Fixes CB-989: dyld: Symbol not found: _NSURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey
Fixed CB-1030 - Add FAQ issue for NSURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey linker issue for archived builds in iOS 5.0.1 devices
Fixes CB-93 - Only support iOS 4.2 and greater
Update CB-1030 - add "-weak-framework CoreFoundation" to linker settings
Updated bin/create template to use sub-project based Xcode project template.
bin/create - updated help text, and typo for lowercase -info.plist
Adding Device plugin to Cordova.plist
Removed folders "Cordova-based Application" and "Cordova-based Application.xctemplate" - the Xcode 3/4 templates
Interim update to iOS cordova-js for new CDVDevice
Fixed warnings.
Added CDVDevice source to CordovaLib. Moved CDVDevice, CDVLogger to proper header sections in the various targets.
Moved ReleaseNotes from CordovaInstaller subfolder, to root.
Moved FirstRun from CordovaInstaller subfolder, to root
Added Apache v2.0 License headers to files that Apache Rat ratted on.
Updated the bin subfolder
Updated Makefile to clean the bin folder.
Added bin subfolder (command line scripts) to .dmg distribution package
Updated FirstRun for new command-line project creation.
Improved bin/create script
Updated for command line project creation.
Updated Release Notes for 2.0.0rc1
Updated VERSION to 2.0.0rc1
Updated macro to 2_0_0
Updated the iOS cordova-js to 2.0.0rc1
Updated location of Cordova.plist in CordovaLibApp target
Removed CordovaLib project targets: UniversalFramework and Cordova
Fixed bin command-line scripts.
Improved debug and emulate scripts.
Added Makefile target update-template to update the template in the bin directory automatically before packaging.
Modified older iOS runtime warning.
[CB-1075] - Cordova 2.0 installer - rename old Xcode project templates to minimize confusion
[CB-853] Deprecate window.invokeString - use window.handleOpenURL(url) instead
[CB-886] Change Xcode CordovaLib (sub)project format to support easy header inclusion
[CB-1082] Add url shortcut in .dmg for "Create a New Project"
debug cli tool - changed 'scheme' parameter to 'target', set the configuration to Debug
Revert [CB-907] - cross-platform inconsistency. A doc issue should suffice [CB-1083]
Updated the Cordova Plugin Upgrade Guide
Removed references to the static framework and Xcode template.
Updated cordova-js to 2.0.0
Updated VERSION to 2.0.0
Updated RELEASENOTES for 2.0.0
Removed unused file in the template.
Fixed failing test because [CB-907] was reverted
[CB-1095] Added "Hello Cordova" sample app as default
[CDV-1099] Remove deprecated functions in CDVPlugin (verifyArguments, appViewController)
Updated RELEASENOTES again
Updated Cordova Plugin Upgrade Guide for deprecated CDVPlugin methods being removed
tommy-carlos williams (1):
Fixes CB-1004
Fil Maj (1):
[CB-1037] Updating JS to use latest common device module.
Tim Kim (8):
[CB-1019] - invalid name in config file when using ant dist
[CB-1019] - don't want to update both config files otherwise the create scripts won't work
[CB-962] - re-fix for how bb creates new project and permissions for the cordova scripts
Updating javascript for 2.0.0
Whoops - forgot rc1 part of version
Update to 2.0.0
Whoops - accidently added this file
Andrew Grieve (1):
Remove cordova.xml and plugins.xml from framework/res/xml.
Anis Kadri (1):
CB-1031 android create script fails
Fil Maj (4):
[CB-481] Removed todo comment introduced by bryce, clarified what is going on
[CB-1022] Reverted nanoTime back to currentTimeMillis. Updated mobile-spec tests as well. This passes all accel tests.
[CB-1035] Including newest JS built based on refactored common device module.
[CB-574] Added backbutton automated unit test for android.
Joe Bowser (6):
Fixing bug on ICS where the super.onKeyDown wasn't being called
Combining plugins.xml and cordova.xml to make config.xml
Tagging 2.0.0rc1
Throwing code over the fence to fix CB-1087, I can't repro on my Galaxy Nexus
Fix for CB-1085
Upping the version to 2.0.0
Lorin Beer (11):
added create message handler, updated AudioPlayer constructor usage
added file requirement to constructor, all references to AudioPlayer constructor had direct access to file, so this caused no other changes
removed audio load code from startPlaying to a private function
made internal status static variables final as well, specifically so that they can be used in switch statements
halfway through refactor
fixed seek behaviour, but introduces a bunch of new problems
update to use ordinal instead of enum value
use enums to track internal states instead of int. Fixed 'unknown state' bug with the addition of loading state. Mega commit, lost some history.
Merge branches 'master' and 'dev'
changed handling of stopRecording to reflect handling of create message
added deleted tempfile setup
macdonst (13):
CB-993: Android plugin problems upgrading to 1.9.0
Fix mis-spelling in upgrade guide
Implementing CordovaInterface.getContext in test folder classes
CB-992: Camera tries to add temp photo to gallery
CB-1008: Camera with targetHeight, targetWidth loses image aspect ratio
CB-999: When getting images from the PHOTOLIBRARY apply the correctOrientation fix
CB-1014: Out of Memory error when getting image from photo library
Modify PluginResult(status) so it generates a JSON string that works with JSON.parse()
CB-1016: Zero width or height in getPicture throws java.lang.ArithmeticException
CB-1005: Can not remove contact phonenumber values
CB-993: Android plugin problems upgrading to 1.9.0
CB-952: Android showSplashScreen crashes
Adding deprecation notice to LegacyContext
Jesse (7):
updated version info, added version info to templates, updated splash screen images
removed build cruft
moar prep, renaming
rejigger to the new structure
updated assembly info, like the file name suggests ..
removed dupes, and point to new loc of existing source files
restruct to use the library project, wtf is a dgml ?
Jesse MacFadyen (20):
[CB-986] backbutton navigation error
[CB-925] saveToPhotoAlbum CameraOption
update camera options
some dictionaries should not be ignored
this one too
just ignore these guys
make everything ref v2.0.0
update all templates
Camera + Notification
updated Media and Contact methods
added dispatch wrapper to setVolume
update Capture methods"
Updated FileTransfer
added File methods param parsing, fixed Notification.vibrate
updating templates for 2.0
updated full template for 2.0
updated minimal template for 2.0
updated standalone template for 2.0
remove spec overhead stuff
updated template
Sergei Grebnov (2):
fixes mouse events generation script
back button fix
Herm Wong (2):
update version to 2.0.0
CB-1096 hello cordova app for webOS
Anis Kadri (3):
updating VERSION to 2.0.0rc1
adding standard sample app to bada
updating VERSION file
Fil Maj (1):
[CB-1038] Updating JS to latest to use refactored device module.