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A time series analysis about the crime in Puerto Rico from the year 2007 to 2014


Crime Pattern Detection is one of the many applications of data mining; it deals with the study, analysis and understanding of crimes through discovery of pattern or other significative insight in data. As you might think, detecting a pattern of criminal activity, or even predicting them is something that might seem taken from a movie. However, it is a real application of data mining, and there are many research groups working on that.

In this report I will introduce the concept of time series analysis using the R base package, to inspect the assassination history of Puerto Rico from 2007 to 2014.

The data

This report's dataset features the total amount of murders that happened in Puerto Rico during the period 2007 - 2014. This data is divided by months and years.


This repo is made of 3 files (besides the The markdown script, which holds the code and the report, an R file with just the code, and the dataset.


Link coming soon...